Classroom Antics Receives Over 99% Satisfaction

Each camper who attends a Classroom Antics camp or class receives a short post-camp survey asking about their experience. We value this survey and the feedback it provides. We shape our classes and procedures around what parents say. And thanks to those parents who fill out surveys, our camps have received a tremendous approval rating this past year.

For classes in 2010, we had over 99% satisfaction. We gage satisfaction by a question that asks “Would you recommend Classroom Antics to a friend?”. Over 99% of parents said yes.

While I’m really happy about this 99% stat, I’m disappointed that it’s not 100%. You can count on it that we’ll be trying to reach that 100% satisfaction goal this year.

Thanks again for a wonderful 2010 camp year, and we are very excited that our summer 2011 camp season is almost here!

PS – If you ever feel like you’re not satisfied with your class or camp, please us at 800-595-3776 so we can keep you happy. We are committed to providing the best camp experience for you, our campers and parents.