LEGO Robotics and Swiffer Pads

Every parent knows the importance of investing in their child’s education, because it will pay off in the long run by giving their child the best possible opportunities for success. But, now thanks to Classroom Antics and LEGO Mindstorm NXT you don’t have to wait for the pay off.

In a LEGO Mindstorm NXT Robotics class, children learn how to build and program a robot that walks, talks, sees, and hears and your child will use the computer to program how the robots moves and reacts to the sensors. I know your thinking, great, but how does that help me. Well with these new skills, you will save hours of cleaning time.

“How?” you ask.

The video below shows the concoction of a LEGO MindStorms NXT robotics kit and kitchen Swiffer dry mop pad, similar to an iRobot to clean the floor of mom’s house. Not bad, not bad indeed. Game. Set. Match.