How to play Game Maker games on my Mac

Parents often ask “How do I play my child’s Game Maker games from camp on my Mac computer at home?” This is a great question, but one where the answer can be a little confusing.

We use Game Maker 8.0 for Windows in camp. The Mac version of Game Maker is 7.5. Because they are different version levels, in 2012-13, the games made on Windows computers in camp cannot be played on your Mac at home.

However, all is not lost. The entire Game Maker interface (how the gaming software looks and acts) is exactly the same on the Windows and Mac versions. Children can continue to make NEW GAMES at home on their Mac version of Game Maker that will play on the Mac. All the knowledge your child gained in camp is not lost, as he/she can make new games.

They Will Be Compatible in 2014

The developer YoYoGames has a new version 9 that is coming out in 2014 and this version will be released for Mac and Windows, allowing games to passed back and forth between the Mac and Windows platforms.

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