Cromwell Returns From the Body Shop

Our Classroom Antics mascot, Cromwell, had some work done this past winter. Some of his parts were getting rusty, and Cromwell had to go in for his scheduled maintenance, much like mom and dad’s car!

Well, we’re happy to tell you that Cromwell is doing well since he left the body shop, and he’s even improved a little.

Cromwell’s Improvements

  • Additional hand clamp makes gripping items easier.
  • Side head antennas design improves range that Cromwell can talk with other robots. With Cromwell traveling to Mars this summer, this was a much needed improvement.
  • Larger torso allows Cromwell to have a larger battery, reducing the need to recharge between missions.
  • Rectangular feet improve stability on foreign planet surfaces.
  • Cromwell’s software was improved too. Running the new iRobot 2.0 operating system.
  • Shinier green paint reflects the sun’s harmful rays when traveling unprotected in outer space.
  • Cromwell drinks oil to avoid rusting out, and his new filtering system inside his body removes more impurities than ever before.

These are only a few of the improvements Cromwell received this winter. When we talked with Cromwell earlier this week about his new improvements, he said:

I’ve never felt better. I am really excited to show off this great armor on the new Classroom Antics Tech Camp’s t-shirt this summer. There’s a picture of me on my trip to Mars that looks soooooo cooooool!!!!