Top 13 Reasons to Love Summer Tech Camps

Summer is a great season to be a kid. And part of what makes summer so much fun is Summer Camp! So we wanted to compile the top 13 reasons it’s great to be at our tech camps during the summer.

Many of the reasons to love Summer Tech Camps below are from parents and camp alumni. Hope you enjoy!

  1. You get to try new things!
  2. [singlepic id=21 w=320 h=240 float=right]Meet new friends just like me!
  3. The cool camp t-shirt I get to wear all summer!
  4. Design an awesome Pac Man video game with rocket ships!
  5. Produce the next movie sequel to Ice Age!
  6. Write a computer program to do my homework!
  7. Build a LEGO robot that walks the dog!
  8. All the fun learning, none of the homework!
  9. Your best friends today, you met at summer camp!
  10. You get a full week of happy memories.
  11. Develop life-long skills you’ll need when you get a “real job”.
  12. Learn great life skills like critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  13. It’s so much fun!

Add Your Reasons to Love Summer Camp

Add your reasons to love Summer Tech Camps below in the comments. We’d love to hear what makes camp special to you!