Give Camp: Include a Gift Certificate

Give the gift of camp! Whether it be a holiday or birthday, camp is a very generous and unique gift for your loved one.

Make It Tangible

Presentation of your gift is important. Place your elegant final touches on your gift by printing a Blank Gift Ceritifcate and enclosing it inside your holiday or birthday card to your child or grandchild.

  1. Download the certificate.
  2. Find the thickest cardstock paper your printer can handle.
  3. Print the certificate. Color printers work best. The certificate will also print on black & white printers if needed.
  4. Complete the form by using a Sharpie or other high-quality pen. Thin pens do not look best when writing on the gift certificate form.
  5. Fold and include inside a birthday or holiday card to your child. Or don’t fold and place in a strong 8.5″ x 11″ envelope.

What the Certificate Means

The certificate is a symbol of the transaction you made with Classroom Antics for your child to attend a future technology camp. In no way does printing the blank gift certificate by itself entitle your child to attend. A registration and confirmation is necessary to reserve your child’s space in camp.