How to Change Speed in Game Maker 8.1

In our Video Game Design camp, we teach kids 9-13 years old how to make video games using the Game Maker software from YoYo Games. This short video shows one of the tricks we teach kids in summer camp: how to change the speed of an object during gameplay.

Using Variables in Game Maker

Variables are used to store values. Some of the variables in Game Maker are “pre-defined”, which means that they are variables that already existed when we started programming our video game. All we need to do is adjust those values to make our game act differently.

The speed variable is a pre-defined variable, so we don’t need to create the variable at the beginning of the game. However, we can change the variable anytime we want. In this video, we set the variable for the first time to make our Game Maker object (the basketball) move an initial speed. Then, we program a Key Press event to increase and decrease the speed of the object.

Using Debug Mode in video game design allows us to monitor variables. The speed variable is <objectname>.speed and as you can see in the video, the speed variable changes as we press up and down as the basketball object moves on the screen.

Want to Learn More?

Consider attending one of our summer technology camps. With camps all over Ohio in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati suburbs, our weeklong classes teach kids 7-13 years old how to design video games, build robots with LEGO, produce stop-motion brickfilm movies, and write computer programs.

Video Game Design camp is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn computer programming, yet not know they are working. Kids have a fun time with old-friends and new-friends making video games, and playing each other’s video games. Summer camp is indoors, allowing kids to cool-off from the hot summer sun and exercise their brain.