This Drone Can Hack Your Phone’s WiFi

Turn off your phone’s WiFi when you leave the house! Holy cow! There are so many alarming things I learned in this video that the only way to protect yourself is to turn off WiFi when you leave the house. Heck, maybe I should turn off WiFi altogether, as this could happen in my own home.

What You Just Saw

In this video, Glenn Wilkinson, an ethical hacker installed snooping technology on a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to grab cell phone information from people below. This technology has been used on cell phones and laptops. One day, it can be installed in a larger aircraft, like a helicopter or small planes. The device can see your username, passwords, credit card information, and in some cases, your home address.

Snoopy is a Mean Mean Dog

The tech on the drone is called Snoopy. And the software automates the job a hacker would do to grab your personal sensitive information. Most people leave WiFi enables on their phone. The convenience of auto-logging you into your home network, work network, or whatever other networks saves you money from your cell phone’s data plan. But it does this at the price of security, because your phone is broadcasting to the world what its trusted networks are. When your phone is broadcasting it’s trusted network names, the Snoopy software takes on the identify of one of those trusted network names, and lets your phone connect to it. Once it’s connected, your phone apps and email automatically log into their accounts (using usernames and passwords) to get updates. This is when Snoopy captures that information. The only way to truly protect yourself is by turning off  WiFi on your mobile device.

What To Do

This software is real. And it’s safe to say it’s being used in any populous area. The only real solution that should allow us to regain comfort in WiFi, is when we have a more trusted network. In the meantime, turn off your WiFi when you leave your house. This includes any mobile device, including but not limited to iPods, tablets, laptops, and cell phones.