Playing Jenga with a Chess Clock

Playing Jenga with a Chess Clock just took Jenga to a whole new level! This is a 2-person game.

How do you play?

First, you’ll need a Jenga game and a chess clock. You can get a Chess Clock on Amazon or download any number of Chess Clock apps in the your smartphone’s app store.

Then find a partner that can handle the intensity that this game will bring!

  1. Set up your Jenga board.
  2. Set your chess clock to a comfortable beginner level like 5 minutes.
  3. Flip a coin to see who goes first, or choose the oldest person to start first. If you avoid it, you don’t want to be first in this game, because it’s harder to win.
  4. Start your chess clock when ready to start.
  5. Pull a Jenga block and place it on the top, then tap your chess clock to start the timer for your opponent.
  6. Your opponent now does step 5, and this continues until…

How does the game end? Who wins?

The person who runs out of time, or knocks the Jenga tower down, loses. The other person is the winner. Have fun!!