Are Girls-Only Camps the Answer?

“If you don’t feel a sense of belonging, if you don’t feel like you’re being supported, you’re more likely to leave.” -Maria Klawe of Harvey Mudd College

Source: Girls just want to code. The trick is making sure they don’t stop – CNET


The story above was posted on CNET today, and it gave me an opportunity to rethink and write my thoughts about girl-only camps. As you know, Classroom Antics only offers co-ed camp across Ohio. But should we be offering girl-only camps

We find the gender ratio is fairly close to equal (about 60/40) in our 7-9 year old age range of attendees, but when we get to 10-13 year olds, girls are not as prevalent (about 85/15). This seems to be consistent across the nation with other Tech Camps, and everyone is trying to figure out why, but nobody really has a convincing answer yet. Offering girls-only camps seems like a good idea, but it takes girls out of co-ed camps, and makes those co-ed camps seem more boy-only and perpetuate the problem of thinking tech is only for boys.

Would you like to see girl-only camps at Classroom Antics? Or is there a better way to attract girls to computer sciences. Tell us why in the comment below.