#GirlsWithToys Proves Women Belong in Science


“Many scientists, I think, secretly are what I call ‘boys with toys,'” California Institute of Technology astronomy and planetary science professor Shrinivas Kulkarni told NPR in an interview published Saturday. Kulkarni may have intended to counter the false assumption that science can’t be fun, but in referring to these scientists as “boys” he erased an already marginalized population of the field: Women. That’s why female scientists took to Twitter to remind the world they may be underrepresented in the field, but they’re doing crucial work — and having as much fun doing so as their male counterparts.

Source: #GirlsWithToys Proves Women Belong in Science


Girl Power. #GirlsWithToys started trending with 17,000 tweets in 48 hours following this interview. Geek is chic today, and these girls are proving it.