New Additions to Coding Camp

Classroom Antics is adding invention components to our Computer Programming camp this summer. The entire curriculum has been refreshed and enhanced to include new electrical engineering concepts and hacks. We are accomplishing this using software programming in Scratch and hardware tools from Makey Makey. This tech camp really lets kids get creative with coding which is why we named it Creative Coders.

What is Makey Makey, besides a funny name?

Have you ever looked at a banana and thought, “I can make that into a piano?” How about turning four buckets of water into a Super Mario Bros. controller or a Dance Dance Revolution pad? Well, with a Makey Makey board now you can do that and so much more. The Makey Makey board takes coding off the screen and into everyday objects. We are very excited to see what kids imaginations and the Makey Makey board will combine to create this summer during computer programming camp.

Makey Makey is a “simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in-between.” It allows everyday objects to become electronic devices, which in turn become game controllers, musical instruments, and anything else the maker can imagine.

Invention Driven Learning

This class is different from any other Computer Programming camp we have ever offered because although students will learn the elements of Scratch software and the principals of coding they will now be able to integrate it with the inventing components of Makey Makey. Coding will no longer be limited to what you see on the screen, its only limitation the child’s imagination.

During camp, we will use computer science principles, electrical engineering concepts, and household items to create programs and contraptions. Students will use problem-solving skills to edit their own computer program and create new devices. We will provide everything students need to start “hacking” the world around them.

Program Fee

The cost of this program is $190-$235, depending if the program is offered during a 4-day or 5-day week of camp. If a holiday is observed during camp, we will condense the curriculum to accommodate the shortened week.

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