GameMaker is Back on Mac!

GameMaker Studio 2.1 from YoYoGames sees a major milestone for GameMaker Studio: a fully dedicated Mac version!

This has long been a desire of both YoYo Games (the developer) and the community and we are excited to welcome this version into the GameMaker family. The great news for both Windows and Mac users is that it is all part of the same license – buy any module and it will work on Windows and Mac with that one purchase. If you’re a Mac user who has been “stuck on Windows” or using a VM there’s no better time to swap to the Mac native IDE!

The resource tree is now fully customizable.

That’s not all…

YoYoGames didn’t stop there with the new features, oh no – they’ve now included some long-awaited and anticipated features such as:

  • An integrated debugger
  • Resource tree enhancements
  • “Recent Windows” window
  • Code-folding support

For more information about all these exciting new features, please head over to GameMaker’s blog or to dig a little deeper, please check the release notes.

GameMakerStudio 2.1 from YoYo Games is available here.