Did You Miss Kid Inventors’ Day? No Problem – Today is National Inventors’ Day

Happy National Inventors’ Day! If you missed Kid Inventors’ Day, no problem. Take advantage of this holiday as a way to inspire your kids’ creativity! Here’s a few things you can do and talk about to celebrate inventors and incite new ideas in the next generation of creators!

National Inventors Hall of Fame
  • Check out this list of 2018 inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, including 3 top-of-their-class women inventors.
  • Ask your kids if they have any ideas for inventions. Do they know how to fix something? Make a process faster? Start by asking them if there is anything they wish they could change or make better, and them ask them how. This doesn’t have to be a real task, just a simple conversation to get those creative problem-solving juices flowing.
  • Get making! Inspire the artist in your child and encourage them to draw or create a model of their invention or idea. Sometimes art is an easier expression for explanation. Hit up Pinterest for tons of ideas from invention boxes to hands-on projects for your kids.
  • Planning on visiting Washington D.C. anytime soon? Visit the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Kids love it, but it’s interesting for all ages. Find out who had ideas to make your life easier!
  • Do you have a reader? Check out these  books about inventors. From Thomas Edison’s and Benjamin Franklin’s stories to books about kids just like them exploring inventing with simply a box, these books are bound to encourage the inventor in every child.