Amazing Architects

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a building or bridge? These structures are used every day, and must be strong enough and efficient enough to help us get our tasks done. In Amazing Architects, kids explore our structurally engineered world through model builds and a pretend economy. Each week, students will learn, discuss and think about how the world’s structures are used and what goes into designing and building them.

Kids build unique models of skyscrapers, suspension bridges, ziplines and more with household materials such as popsicle sticks, rubber bands and paper cups. While building, natural disasters such as earthquakes are considered for sound structure and design. Using these models and applying the lessons learned during the program, students build a bridge to help a family cross a river, construct a tower for people to live, and experience the reality of scarcity of materials by paying for building supplies with Monopoly money. Scientific topics such as force and balances are explained and discussed with students during Amazing Architects, challenging them to think about concepts in physics and give them a basic understanding of such ideas.

Not only do kids gain a better understanding of how everyday structures are developed, but they’ll also delve into solving real-world challenges with their new understanding of structural engineering. Amazing Architects challenges kids to think outside the box, considering multiple factors when it comes to the structures that make up our world.

If you’re a school interested in hosting our after school programs, please reach out to us! Visit our website or call 800-595-3776 to speak with someone.