Get Charged!

Do your kids leave all the lights on in the house? In Get Charged!, students learn about all kinds of electrical devices, from toys to smart phones, and how and how much electricity is used.

Students gain full understanding of what kind of work Electrical Engineers go through to design helpful devices the use energy efficiently, in Get Charged! Kids learn what goes on inside electronic devices, including how circuits, switches and batteries all work together to create light, movement and sound, by building a no-wire circuit. With that knowledge, students build games like “Don’t Touch the Wire”, a buzzer game, and create art with robots called “Wigglebots”. They explore sending messages to the other students across the room using only light and sound made from LED lights and buzzers. They even create a propeller car!

In Get Charged!, students learn how electricity works and how they can use it to get tasks done or send messages. While it may be something we take for granted or don’t think about often, electricity powers almost everything we do, and Electrical Engineers are critical to society’s functioning electricity. Introduce students to the important world of electrical engineering in Get Charged!