Save the Date for Summer Camp

Book Summer Camps in Winter

Booking a summer camp in winter may seem strange but it’s a good idea. It actually has a lot of benefits: savings, selection, anticipation, and planning.

Kids usually have about 10 weeks of summer available to plan activities and family events. And while the price of some activities won’t change much, the availability of those activities do.

Isn’t It Too Early?

Booking a summer camp early can offer some key benefits:

  • Biggest discounts many camp programs offer the largest discounts to early-bird registers.
  • Best availability booking early gives you the best selection of options offered by the camp.
  • Waitlist avoidance, popular camps will sell-out so by booking early you can avoid having to wait for a spot to open before you can get in.
  • Gifting option, if you book early you can gift the camp for a holiday or a birthday for the student. If you are choosing this for our camp you can even download a gift certificate to give to them.
  • Anticipation, booking early gives the kids something to look forward to doing.
  • Planning, making at least some of your summer plans early can take the pressure of trying to juggle too many things at the last minute.

Why Book Summer Camp So Early?

If you’re familiar with the Rocks, Pebbles and Sand story, it’s best to think of the last minute activities your plan during summer as the sand in your jar.

During the summer, you will find some activities that are highly flexible. For example, you may have an amusement park nearby. Or you may have another city that your family would like to visit that is only a few hours away. Or maybe you have some fun activities in your own city that you’ve been itching to explore. These are the perfect examples of events that you can plan during the summer.

This planning method allows you to adjust based on weather, finances, health, mood, and other planned activities.

What If My Plans Change?

If you want to maintain total flexibility and protect yourself against unforeseen events that can disrupt your summer plans, make sure to purchase refundable travel and cancellation insurance (if applicable). This expense is typically around 10% of the actual cost of travel or camp, and it can be worth it if buying in advance.