Boy Scout Merit Badges – Our Camps Help You Earn Them

If your son is in Boy Scouts and interested in earning some STEAM-focused merit badges, we can help. Our STEAM-focused camps fulfill many of the requirements of various boy scout merit badges.

The Animation Merit Badge

In Brick Flicks Stop-Motion Animation Camp, kids get to make their very own stop-motion animation movies. So, by attending this camp your son will have completed a number of the requirements towards the Animation Merit Badge.

  • Requirements:
    • Describe animation – He will be able to describe to his counselor what animation is because he will have done it.
    • Detail the history of animation – He will review stop motion animation history via video.
    • Know the principals of animation – He will be applying and learning these techniques while developing his own animations.
    • Plan and create 2 animations – Campers storyboard and film multiple animation stop motion animation movies during the week of camp.
    • Share your animations – Animations are saved to a USB or home computer to be shared with your son’s counselor.
    • Animation in our world – We don’t tour an animation studio in camp but we do discuss the Pixar approach and how animation has evolved.
    • A career in animation – This area isn’t covered during camp but career research sites can help to complete this final requirement.

The Game Design Merit Badge

In Video Game Design Camp, kids take their passion for video games to a new level by developing thier own games. Consequently, they learn character development, environment creation, and innovative gameplay. So, by attending this camp your son will be well on his way to completing the Game Design Merit Badge.

  • Requirements:
    • Analyze games you have played – We review the elements of game design to allow your son to complete this requirement.
    • Discuss game design terms – He will not only be able to discuss these principals he will learn how to apply them.
    • Define intellectual property – We don’t review this in camp but this article is a great overview of how it applies to gaming.
    • Change the rules – This requirement is best done outside of camp.
    • Design a new game – We walk your son through how to develop multiple types of games so they can create a quality proposal.
    • Prototype your game – Each child is given a copy of the software used in camp. So, once your son gets his game proposal approved he can prototype it.
    • Test your game – Your son will learn trouble shooting when developing games in camp which help him complete this requirement.
    • A career in game design – During camp we have a discussion about game designer roles and discuss what aspect they would enjoy most.

The Movie Making Merit Badge

In our TubeStars Video Production Camp, kids learn the entire movie making process, storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing, and promotion. In this YouTube camp, kids use webcams, ring lights, and Shotcut for Windows to create multiple types of YouTube videos. So, by attending this camp your son will be well on his way to completing the Movie Making Merit Badge.

  • Requirements:
    • Discuss elements of good movie making – We review all of these elements in camp.
    • Shoot a film – We work with the kids about planning out their videos using storyboards. In addition, they have freedom to produce videos in which they have interest.
    • Visit a production studio – This would be one area we would not be able to help complete in camp.
    • A career in movie making – Our camps teach your son about all of the elements that go into movie making. However, they would need to do outside research on the education and training needed for that career.

The Programming Merit Badge

In Creative Coders Camp, kids learn the foundation of all programing by integrating if-then statements, loops, variables, and subroutines. As a result, your son will be prepared to complete the Boy Scout Merit Badge for programming, also called the Programming Merit Badge.

  • Requirements:
    • Safety – Your son will need to have a current cyber chip for this badge.
    • History of programming – We do cover the topic at camp.
    • General knowledge – We do cover a few programming languages and devices but additional research would likely need done for this requirement.
    • Define intellectual property – We don’t review this in camp but this article is a great overview of how it applies to programming.
    • Complete programs – Your son will code be able to compete one of the three programming language requirements in camp.
    • Programming careers – Careers are discussed but training and education requirements will require outside research.

The Robotics Merit Badge

In LEGO Robotics Camp, kids build and program LEGO Robots to think, move and react. Furthermore, they use these skills to solve various engineering challenges facing the world today. So by attending this camp your son will be prepared to earn his Robotics Merit Badge.

  • Requirements:
    • Safety – Your son will be able to address this with his counselor after camp.
    • Robotics industry – We discuss the topic at camp.
    • General knowledge – We do cover which industries are good for robots and why.
    • Design, build, program, test – Your son will be able to accomplish this numerous times while at camp.
    • Demo your robot – Your son will be able to record and share the builds he completes in camp via video with his counselor, just let the instructor know he needs to record his builds.
    • Competitions – We don’t do competitions in camp. However, your son can contact FIRST Lego League to find a competition in the area.
    • Careers in robotics – Education requirements will require outside research but we do discuss various careers in camp.

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