Stop Motion Animation for Kids

Stop motion animation is fascinating for kids. Movies like The Little Prince and Chicken Run are great examples of stop motion. Each frame captures a child’s attention.

Let Your Kids Bring Stop Motion to Life

This summer, your kids can become more lovers of stop motion animation, they can become creators of their own stop motion animations in one of our summer camp classrooms.  

Our Classroom Antics STEAM summer camps use the same, professional-quality stop motion technology used in today’s latest animated movies.  Animated movies such as Wallace and Gromit or Pirates Band of Misfits used the stop motion technology Stop Motion Pro – the same software that we use in our Brick Flicks Stop Motion Animation summer camps

Using Stop Motion Pro with Kids

Our camps make stop motion animation accessible for kids. Both our camp counselors and the software Stop Motion Pro work together for a great learning environment.

Stop Motion Pro features the latest advancements in stop motion technology with superior animation visualization tools.  

In our Stop Motion Animation Camp at Classroom Antics, kids will learn all the elements of film production while producing multiple stop motion films.  A great way to jumpstart your child’s interest in stop motion animation is to learn the same exact software the professionals use.

Learning More than Animation

Your child not only learns tech skills but creativity and critical thinking.  The process of creating a stop motion animation for kids includes planning out how to tell a story and learning to become storytellers. 

Also, stop motion is a simple and hands-on process. It’s easy for kids to understand and feel confident learning. In addition, it can help kids understand how their favorite TV show or movie was made. Encouraging them to make one of their own. 

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