Finding the Right STEAM Summer Camp for Your Child

Finding the right summer camps for your child’s needs is an important aspect of ensuring that they have a great, fun summer. If you can’t find a camp that matches their interests and personality, then they may not grow into the person they want to become. The purpose of camp is to discover your interests and bond with others who share those same interests.

What is STEAM summer camp

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math, and a STEAM summer camp is one that focuses on these areas. The acronym is used to describe an education initiative to get kids interested in a range of different disciplines while building a foundation for future success.

Advantages of sending your kid to a STEAM summer camp

Several studies have shown that students who attended STEAM summer camps had higher GPAs and were more likely to graduate high school. They also scored better on average in all areas of standardized testing compared to other kids their age, making them an impressive candidate for the best colleges upon graduation.

However, the primary reason to send your child to a STEAM summer camp is to help your child find their purpose and passion that will help them find their future career and aspirations.

Disadvantages of sending your kid to a STEAM summer camp

While there are many advantages to sending your child to a STEAM summer camp, you should also be wary of some possible disadvantages. For instance, the price tag on these camps may be too steep for you to afford, and if your kid is miserable at their camp then it could end up being costly. If your child doesn’t have any interest in STEAM, then it may be a wasted summer for them.

What they teach at STEAM summer camp

STEAM summer camps focus on education in the four disciplines mentioned previously, and it allows your child to develop skills that may aid them in future careers. They can master robotics, become leaders in the art community, learn about new technology and how it’s changing the world around us, and find their niche.

Summer camps are designed to be fun for kids, so they will never become bored or resentful of the activities they participate in. Kids will have the opportunity to learn new things through hands-on experience and by working with industry professionals who know how to keep them engaged.

How to find the right STEAM summer camp

If you want your kid to have a positive experience, it is important that they attend a camp that truly meets their needs. This means finding one with activities and learning experiences in subjects that they are interested in. Thanks to the growing trend of STEAM programs at schools and organizations many more opportunities are available than ever before for kids looking to enhance their minds. If you think that a STEAM camp is right for your child, then it is important to start looking around as soon as possible since most fill up quickly.

How much does it cost and where can you find one near you

The total cost of a STEAM summer camp can vary between $200-$2,000 for one week (Classroom Antics is between $250-$500 depending on half-day vs full-day). You can find these types of programs near you by checking online on camp directory websites, as well as your local school or college that may host summer day camps that are specialized to fit the needs of their students.

Summer camp provides kids with memorable experiences that will stay with them long after the end of the season, and it is important to give your child an exciting summer full of purpose. STEAM summer camps provide kids with countless opportunities for growth both mentally and physically, while also helping them find the path they want to take in life.

Find your camp and reserve a space

It’s important to find the camp you want early, and reserve a space for your child to attend. Waiting until late spring will limit you and your child on the camps that will be available. The most popular and best-regarded camps tend to fill up early.

If you’re looking for a camp that will challenge your child and keep them engaged, Classroom Antics can help. We can help you find the perfect fit for your kid by taking into account their interests and what they want to learn about. We offer plenty of camps but it might be hard to know which ones are worth signing up for before committing any time or money (and some of these camps fill up fast!). So to learn more about our summer programs, please contact or call us today!