Amazing Architects Camp (Ages 6-9)

Engineering Summer Camp

Does your child love to build and create? Then your future engineer will love Amazing Architects Engineering Camp.

What Kids Learn in Engineering Camp

In Amazing Architects Engineering Camp, kids learn what it means to be an Architectural Engineer. In fact, campers develop a city, build skyscrapers, model suspension bridges, and environmentally-friendly cars. These hands-on projects model different structures, all the way from ancient Egyptian pyramids to modern houses. Then, kids take to the skies and learn about planes – how they work, how they’re designed, and how to make them fly faster and longer.

Note: Computers are not used in this engineering camp. Also, if your child was enrolled in Amazing Architects or Planes Trains and Auto Engineers after school club, some of the material may be familiar.

  • Class Size: 12 Participants
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 15 Total Hours

Attendance Requirement for Camp

  • Age: 6-9 Years Old (by the first day of camp)

Engineering Camp Locations & Dates

Amazing Architects Program Fee

The fee is $249 for this half-day afternoon (1 pm – 4 pm) summer camp.

For a full-day camp option (9 am – 4 pm) register for a morning camp as well and send a packed lunch each day. Our full-day campers stay over the lunch hour with the instructors for free. Consequently, the fee for a full-day is $498.

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