Robotics Technology for Kids and the World’s Tiniest Computer

What Is That Speck? The World’s Tiniest Computer. See that really tiny black speck? That’s a computer! And that giant white rock next to it is actually a grain of rice… I know – mind BLOWN! Measuring in at 0.04 cubic millimeters, this is officially the world’s tiniest computer. Now, you can’t play Fortnite on …

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STEM and STEAM Camps for Kids

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math make up STEM & STEAM. Our camps support your kids in learning all of the above.

Should Your Kids Learn How to Code

Coding might sound like a difficult skill to grasp. But, kids are learning how to code everyday in our coding camps. Kids who learn how to code today will be presented with so many opportunities to gain life skills and technical skills that are in demand in tomorrow’s technology driven world. What are Some Benefits of …

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Video Games New Way to Learn

Video Game Design for Kids, The New Way to Learn

Too much time spent playing video games! It might seem like a time-waster. But, kids who play video games can improve their focus and problem-solving skills, boost creativity and even reduce stress. Playing is great, but video game design is an even better way to channel your kid’s love of the game into a learning opportunity and …

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Why Encourage Your Kid to Become YouTube Famous

Becoming a YouTube famous kid isn’t just about being an “influencer”. Your kid could use their creativity and tech skills to start their career in media early. The influence of digital videos is everywhere.  As a way to gain information, learn new skills, share your expertise with an audience. This is how many people communicate …

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Stop Motion Animation for Kids

This summer, your kids can become more lovers of stop motion animation, they can become creators of their own stop motion animations.