Top 4 Tips for Teaching Online

Learn our top 4 tips for teaching online virtual classes, based on our experience from teaching students this past summer.

YouTube Rewind 2019

YouTube Rewind features Top Creators Of The Year

The popular video is at 24 million views in the first 24 hours! PewDiePie, MrBeast, James Charles, Minecraft, and other top creators have been featured in YouTube Rewind, the year-in-review video showcasing the most popular creators in 2019. YouTube started off this year’s video acknowledging the unsuccessful video last year. The short 5:36 YouTube Rewind …

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Save the Date for Summer Camp

Book Summer Camps in Winter Booking a summer camp in winter may seem strange but it’s a good idea. It actually has a lot of benefits: savings, selection, anticipation, and planning. Kids usually have about 10 weeks of summer available to plan activities and family events. And while the price of some activities won’t change …

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2019 Red Apple Awards

What is The Red Apple Award? Classroom Antics summer camps are an amazing experience. They are filled with a vast amount of educational enrichment, new friends, and lifetime memories. These experiences are made possible by our experienced teachers. From the preparation and training to be masters of the technologies they teach to the high-energy they …

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Girls in STEM – Numbers Growing

The Girls in STEM Movement The movement for Girls in STEM is strong. Many nonprofit organizations have been promoting Girls Only events. Our mission is to empower every child to discover their passions and purpose. Not just girls. Not just boys. But every child. However, if you walked into any of our programs a decade ago, …

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How to play Gamemaker on Mac

How to play GameMaker games on Mac

We use Game Maker 8.1 for Windows in our in-person Game Design Camps. Also, we provide each kid with a complimentary USB drive to save the games they developed in summer camp. They can then load the software on a Windows computer and play them with for friends and family. However, sometimes families only have …

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GameMaker is Back on Mac!

GameMaker Studio 2.1 from YoYoGames sees a major milestone for GameMaker Studio: a fully dedicated Mac version! This has long been a desire of both YoYo Games (the developer) and the community and we are excited to welcome this version into the GameMaker family. The great news for both Windows and Mac users is that …

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