Why Classroom Antics?

Education vs. Activity Focus STEM Programs

STEM programs are key to ensuring your child’s success in today’s technology world. You have to give them a strong foundation in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. While some summer camp providers offer STEM programs. There are few summer camp providers that focus their STEM programs on learning vs. “just doing activities”. Classroom Antics’s Tech Camps focus is on ensuring your child leaves summer camp or virtual camp with an in-depth education. Classroom Antics also provides you and your child with additional resources to ensure they continue their Tech Camp learning.

Professional Educators vs. General Staff

Of the companies that offer STEM-focused summer camps, many use general staff members (or facilitators) to teach STEM programs. Classroom Antics, on the other hand, hires the best and brightest teachers to educate your child in summer camp. Classroom Antics has found that professional educators (teachers) provide your child with a deeper understanding of the technology during Tech Camp.

Individualized vs. Group Learning STEM Programs

Classroom Antics has found that to learn technology effectively, children need to learn at their own pace. This is why in a Classroom Antics Tech Camp, your child has their own computer equipment for use during summer camp. Some providers have students share equipment, and they position it as they are encouraging teamwork. While Classroom Antics does encourage collaboration in our STEM programs. We found sharing computer equipment results in one child doing a majority of the learning while another is left unengaged.

Flexible vs. Fixed Locations

Classroom Antics ensures STEM education is made available to many students. So, we offer our summer Tech Camps in multiple locations throughout the area to make it more convenient for you and your child to attend. However, other providers expect you to come to their one location. This approach makes it challenging for you to get to one of their classes unless you live near their facility.

Running vs. Cancelling Camps

This is a big one. One of the keys to your child learning is capitalizing on their excitement. So, it is unfortunate when a summer camp you have enrolled in is canceled. Classroom Antics takes great pride in having a high run-rate, as compared to other providers who often cancel their STEM programs due to poor enrollment.

Upfront vs. Hidden Costs

There are other providers that aren’t clear with their summer camp pricing. They charge material fees and lab fees in addition to a summer camp fee. This makes it challenging for you to understand the full cost of camp. Classroom Antics feels it’s better to know pricing upfront and to know your child will be provided everything they need to have a great summer Tech Camp experience. No surprise mandatory fees on the first day of camp.