Cromwell’s Code

Cromwell’s Code is a set of class rules all participants of a Classroom Antics program are expected to follow. Cromwell’s code ensures that programs are safe and enjoyable for all students.

  1. Be respectful and courteous.
  2. Raise your hand to speak.
  3. Be gentle with equipment.
  4. Keep work area clean with food and drink at snack table.
  5. Have fun!

Discipline Guidelines

Participants in Classroom Antics programs are generally well-behaved. However, sometimes in their excitement, they will violate Cromwell’s Code. In those instances, the following discipline guidelines are intended for those very few participants.

Execution of these guidelines is at the discretion of the instructor.

  1. First offense – Verbal warning by an instructor with an explanation of why the behavior is inappropriate.
  2. Second offense – Same as number 1, but with a reminder, this is their second warning.
  3. Third offense – Semi-private verbal warning. The student is taken aside by the instructor and their behavior discussed. If a Camp Manager or another instructor is on-site, they should be part of this step. Parents will be notified of the offense in-person or by phone by the end of the work-day. If possible, parents will be notified during student pickup.
  4. Fourth offense – Written warning. The student is given a time-out (~5 minutes) and a discipline form that explains their offense. The discipline form needs to be signed by the parent or guardian in order for the student to return to the program.
    1. If a participant physically attacks another person or is completely reckless, steps 1-3 are skipped, and step 4 immediately starts. This includes, but is not limited to: a participant touching another person inappropriately, hitting another person, or damaging property.
  5. Fifth offense – Expulsion from Classroom Antics programs. The student will be withdrawn from the program and supervised until their parent or guardian picks them up.
    1. The parent or guardian of the student will be contacted to pick up their child immediately. Then, the participant will not be permitted to return to the currently-attending program, nor any Classroom Antics program in the future.
    2. Registration fees for this program and all future programs will not be refunded. However, fees for future programs may be transferred to another participant.
    3. If any future registrations have Cancellation Insurance, Program Fees for those programs may be refunded.