How We’re Keeping Your Kids Safe

Safety is, and always will be, our #1 priority for our programs. Our enrichment programs’ top commitments are:

  1. Safety – ensure a safe environment
  2. Fun – provide an enjoyable experience
  3. Educational – learn what you love

To support this, we have new safety plans for camp for our upcoming in-person summer camps. These policies are meant to protect students, parents, and teachers from any remaining threat of COVID-19. Most of these changes are operational, but some additional policies will expand parents’ financial protections.

Safety Plans for Camp Due to COVID

  1. All staff and students must wear masks. Exceptions for lunchtime only. No medical exceptions during class will be allowed.
  2. Maximum of 12 students allowed per camp.
  3. For social distancing, we will limit the number of campers per table.
  4. Sanitizer stations are available in every classroom, and staff and students must sanitize their hands every time they enter the classroom.
  5. Equipment sanitized twice (2x) per day, once before our morning camp and again before our afternoon camp.
  6. Temperature checks performed on all students and staff and must be below 100.4 to enter camp each day.
  7. No parents in the classroom; to limit exposure, we will only be allowing teachers and students in the classroom.
  8. Sign-in procedures will be contactless this year. Our teachers will be using an app to check-in all students each day.
  9. No shared food and social distance during lunch for full-day campers.
  10. Students and staff sent home to quarantine for 11 consecutive days if they have 1 “more common symptom” and 2+ “less common symptoms.” See the section below on COVID Symptoms for an explanation of these terms.
  11. Students and teachers living with anyone who exhibits 1 “more common symptom” and 2+ “less common symptoms” must also quarantine for 11 consecutive days.

We are following the lead of school districts and health departments on how to determine if an individual may have COVID-19. To be at-risk, a person must have one (1) of the “more common symptoms” and two (2) of the “less common symptoms”.

COVID Symptoms

  • More common symptoms: fever 100.4+, new or worsening cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell
  • Less common symptoms: sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, muscle pain, excessive fatigue, severe headache, nasal congestion, or runny nose

New Financial Policies

We understand that in addition to ensuring your kids are kept safe, you want to ensure your investment in camp is secure. For that reason, we made some enhancements to our financial policies. The following is valid for all reservations made for in-person summer camps.

  1. If your child gets sick, you may receive a 100% prorated credit for any days of camp you miss. This applies even if your child gets ill before your camp starts and is quarantining.
  2. If your camp is interrupted for any reason, and your child cannot complete the camp, you will receive a prorated credit.
  3. If space is available and your child has not yet started camp, they can transfer into another camp week at no charge.
  4. We offer cancellation insurance that allows you to get a full refund on your program fee.
  5. Cancellation insurance premiums will remain at only 10% of the program fee for 2021.

*Procedures and policies are subject to change as we return to normal.