Post-Camp Info: Creative Coders

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week in Creative Coders Tech Camp!

If your child is interested in continuing their coding education, below are a few resources that can help.

Download Scratch

The software we use in the Computer Coding camp is called Scratch and it is on your child’s USB flash drive from Tech Camp. You can also install it for free on any computer using this link. With this software, your child can continue programming new code or change their existing program code developed in Tech Camp.

To Download: Scratch 3.0 free

Purchase a Makey Makey

A Makey Makey kit can be used to connect the world around you to your computer, just like we did in camp! The Makey Makey Classic kit includes the board, USB cable, alligator clips, and connector wires, other objects used were provided by Classroom Antics.

To Purchase: Makey Makey Classic $49.95

Read Coding Books

There are several books to help advance your child’s knowledge of the Scratch Computer Coding language and give them creative ideas for new programs. Below are a couple of ones we like.

To Purchase: Learn to Program with Scratch $19
To Purchase: Code Your Own Games! 20 Games w/Scratch $9

Note: Classroom Antics is part of the Amazon Associates program, which receives nominal compensation for directing traffic to their products. When you click on any Amazon link above and purchase that product, you are supporting Classroom Antics and the programs we provide.