Post-Camp Info: LEGO Robotics

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week in our LEGO Robotics Tech Camp! If you are interested LEGO robotics and need some educational resources. You are in luck below is information about how to purchase the equipment we use in Tech Camp.

LEGO EV3 Kits A Must

There are two versions of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit. We use the Educational version in our LEGO Robotics Tech Camp. Here are the links to each version you can purchase. In addition, there are descriptions that help you understand the differences between the two versions.

  • Educational Version of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 w/ Software $460
    The educational version comes in a nice plastic tote that keeps the pieces organized with software, builds, and tutorials. The educational version meant for those that want to learn what each piece of the robotics kit does. Consequently, which is why there are tutorials focused on each sensor and skill set. This kit has LEGO bricks, gears, pulleys, sensors, and motors to support the Educational builds.
  • Retail Version of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 w/ Software $315
    The retail version comes in a cardboard box, similar to all retail LEGO products. The retail software is identical to the educational software. Although, it doesn’t have educational tutorials. Instead, it has 17 unique builds like the scorpion, snake, and humanoid. Just like the education version this kit has LEGO bricks, gears, pulleys, sensors, and motors to support the Retail builds. However, it does not have the $40 Gyro sensor included in the Educational version, as the Retail builds do not use the Gyro sensor.

Books a Great LEGO Robotics Educaitonal Resource

There are several books on Amazon to help advance your understanding and knowledge of LEGO Robotics and give you ideas for new builds. Below are a couple of books, you may find useful.

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