Post-Camp Info: Brick Flicks

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week in Brick Flicks Tech Camp!

If you are interested in continuing your stop-motion animation education below is information about how to purchase the materials we use in Tech Camp.

Please note that there are several things you need to make Stop Motion Animation movies. You will need:

  • video capture software
  • post-production editing software (optional)
  • a webcam (or other digital camera)
  • props and sets.

Purchase Video Capture Software

In Tech Camp, campers use Stop-Motion Pro Eclipse SD software to take the pictures for their movies, insert green screen backgrounds (chroma key), record voices, insert sounds and music, add overlays, and edit individual frames with rig removal. This type of software is known as “video capture software”. There are other programs that accomplish this too, like iStopMotion (Mac), iKITMovie (Windows), and Dragonframe (Mac/Windows). We use Stop-Motion Pro Eclipse (Windows) in camp because it’s easy to use, feature-rich, and reliable.

Purchase a Webcam

An essential item to making a good stop-motion animation movie is a quality digital camera. In camp, we use a high-definition webcam. We suggest using an external webcam that connects to your computer with a USB cord. This will allow your child to move their camera where they would like without moving the computer. Using the webcam attached to your monitor is not recommended, as it’s very hard to position.

Webcams can range in price from $20 to over $200. In Brick Flicks stop-motion tech camp we use the Microsoft LifeCam Webcam.

Purchase Sets

When it comes to creating building sets for your movies, you are limited only by your creativity. In camp, we created green screens with simple plywood and lime green and blue paint for your child to use. There are also some really good pre-made stop-motion sets with specialized themes that work very well for beginners.

Purchase Props

LEGO minifig people and LEGO bricks are what your child used in camp to make their stop-motion animation movies but they can also use clay, Play-Doh, or other household objects.

Get Ideas for New Movies

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of making a stop-motion animation movie is coming up with an idea. Below are a few resources that might help.

Also, a quick YouTube search on “stop motion animation” will provide lots of ideas.

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