Post-Camp Info: Game Builders

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week in Game Builders Tech Camp! If you are interested in continuing your video game design education. Then, check out these game design learning resources that can help.

Kodu a Great Game Design Resources

Kodu is the software we use in Game Builders Tech Camp. You can install it for free on any Windows computer using the link above. Or, you can download it from the USB your child received during Tech Camp. With this software, your child can continue to modify the games they developed in Tech Camp. They can also design new video games.

If your child wants to keep adding to the games they developed in our camp. You can easily import your child’s games from their USB flash drive onto your Windows computer. Just use the directions provided here.

Books on Video Game Design

There are several books on Amazon that are good game design learning resources. They will help advance your understanding and knowledge in Video Game Design. Below are a couple of books, you may find useful. If you have any particular books that you would recommend, please let us know using the Contact Page. We would love to include them here for others to reference.

Kodu Video Game Design for Kids

Amazon Link: Kodu for Kids $48
Amazon Link: Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design $27

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