Post-Camp Info: Video Game Design

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week in Arcade Game Design Tech Camp!

If you are interested in continuing your Video Game Design education below is information about how to purchase the technologies we use in Tech Camp and books that are available to assist with making games on your own.

Download GameMaker 8.0

  • Download: GameMaker Free (used in Tech Camp)
  • Download: JoyToKey Free (used in Tech Camp)

In our Video Game Design Tech Camps, we use GameMaker 8.0 for Windows (free version). There is a newer version of GameMaker called GameMaker Studio. We recommend staying on version 8.0, which is a more stable software.

  • Mac parents: There’s a known error when installing GameMaker 8.0 on the newest Mac operating systems. Use this fix to bypass the error. Also, games made in camp will not play on the Mac version; those games must be recreated on the Mac GameMaker software.

Read Books and Tutorials

We recommend the following books both for Video Game Design in general and for the software that we use in Tech Camp.

There are also some free training materials inside the GameMaker 8.0 software.

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