BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!


BLACK FRIDAY Registration for the 2024 Camp Season Opens November 24th!

Post-Camp Info: TubeStars

Post-Camp Info: TubeStars

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week at TubeStars camp. Animotica Screenshot If you are interested in continuing to produce videos, here are some video production resources and information on how to purchase them. Many of these resources were used in camp. Please note that to make YouTube videos you will not need all of these items. However, there are elements like lighting and a quality camera that will increase the quality of your videos.

Step 1 – Get a Camera or Webcam

A video camera is a key element to making YouTube videos on your own. In camp, we use a high-definition webcam for image quality and versatility. The camera you use should have the ability to capture and transfer video. While you can use the camera built-in to your computer, an external webcam lets you be more versatile with angles and often has superior image quality.

Webcams range in price from $20 to over $500. We recommend the Logitech C920 below because it strikes a nice balance between cost and versatility. Smartphone cameras can also be used to shoot videos for YouTube.

Step 2 – Video Capture Software

The second thing we need is video capture software. In camp we use Animotica for both our video capture and editing. We use the free version in camp, which will leave a watermark in the bottom right corner. The full pro version costs between $16-20 for a lifetime license. A lite version costs $7. If you purchase Animotica at home, your student can upload their camp video, and the watermark will be removed.


There is an alternative video capture software program to use, and it’s called OBS Studio. This software is very popular with YouTubers. It’s more complicated than Animotica, but it works with almost any webcam or camera.

Step 3 – Video Editing Software

The third thing we need is video editing software. This is the software that will cut, edit, splice, and manipulate the raw video we recorded earlier. Animotica is the software program we use to edit videos in camp. There are many features in the software, including adding graphics, inserting text, changing speed, and transitions.

Lighting Your Videos

Good lighting is an aspect of video production that often gets overlooked but can turn your YouTube video from good to great. In camp, we use ring lights to help illuminate our subjects and the items they are presenting. We find this really enhances the quality of the video.


There are many ring lights with stands to choose from. They range in price from $10 to over $100. Here are ones that we recommend:

Getting Your Video Seen

In order to share videos on YouTube, you will need a YouTube account. Setting up a YouTube account is quick, free, and easy. We have developed a blog article that can help you through the process entitled, My Child Wants Their Own YouTube Channel, Now What?


Note: Kids must be 13 years of age or older to have their own YouTube account but a parent may create an account for their child if they are under 13 years of age.


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