NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!


NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!

Virtual Robotics Club

Virtual Robotics Club (Ages 9+)

Classroom Antics’ Virtual Robotics Club is a fun way to learn to code robots virtually in a safe social, after-school setting. Meet weekly for an hour to work on the next challenge at your own pace. Our very own VEX VR certified instructors will teach and guide every step of the way.

What Kids Learn in Virtual Robotics Club

Virtual Robotics Club teaches programming for the VEX IQ virtual robot using block coding. The lessons are online and interactive. All members start with learning the basics of coding with introductory challenges and then progress to other challenges. Members can share their successes and challenges with other members, enhancing their learning experience. Throughout the lessons, members develop programming and problem solving skills, learning how to use the robot and it’s various sensors to accomplish a mission.


Small group members are given a class code to join VEX VR. They will move through the lessons at their own pace and get weekly support from fellow club members and a professional VEX VR certified educator.

Why Virtual Robotics Club?

Is your child looking to make friends who have similar interests? Small group club sessions allow kids to get together virtually with other kids also in the coding club. This option costs $65/month, with no up-front fees. Future renewals can be canceled anytime.


Would your child benefit from support from the support of an expert instructor? Our small group sessions are facilitated by a VEX VR certified, professional educator.


Does your child get inspired by other’s ideas? Small group weekly club sessions allow kids to share and learn from each other.

What About Scheduling Conflicts?

Maybe a sports practice or game, a concert or a birthday, conflicts with the session you chose – no worries! If you know you’re going to miss a Tuesday, let us know that you will come on Wednesday instead, or vice versa. If circumstances don’t permit a swap the same week, let the office know. You can send us a message from the link at the bottom of this page.

Requirements for Virtual Coding Club

  • Age: 9+ years old (by the first day of the club)
  • Any computer with browser access and reliable internet connection

Small Group members must also have access to the following:

  • Web camera
  • Computer mouse
  • Computer audio and microphone

Coding Club Small Group Times

Click on the day and time you’d like to register for: