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Amazing Architects

Amazing Architects Engineering After-School Program

In Amazing Architects, kids learn what it means to be an Architectural Engineer and what jobs they might have. Through hands-on activities, students develop a city, design houses and build skyscrapers, and model suspension bridges while completing these tasks on a budget. Projects will model different structures, all the way from historical ancient Egyptian pyramids to modern houses. Students will learn the to ask questions, imagine, plan, create and improve by following the Engineering Design Process.

4-Week Curriculum

This program will introduce students to the concepts of Civil Engineering and the engineering design process through various, hands-on projects and demonstrations. Each program will be held once a week at participating schools.



Weeks 1 & 2: Building Blocks of Modern Cities: The Engineering Design Process, Strongest Shapes, Paper Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Build a Structure on a Budget


Weeks 3 & 4: Ancient Egypt: Paper Cup Pyramid, Egypt Facts, Aqueduct, Paper Cup Walk, Upside Down Mobile, Balloon Zipline

Cost of After-School Programs

  • 4 Week Program: $100 Per Student Enrollment
  • $10 Sibling Discount
*Program costs may vary by school / location. 

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