Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 Safety Policies for in-person camps?

Classroom Antics will follow all protocols based on the most recent guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The American Camp Association (ACA), The US Department of Health, The Ohio Department of Health, local municipalities, and facility owners. Learn more about our COVID-19 Safety Policies and Protocols.

Who are the camp instructors?

Our camp instructors are almost entirely professional educators from local schools. Some educators have long-term substitution or student-teaching experience. All of our camp instructors have an educational background or degree in teaching. They are also knowledgeable and interested in STEM. In addition, they have experience in educating kids and believe in our mission to empower every child to find their own passions and purpose.

Our camp managers are veteran Classroom Antics teachers and available to step in to help teach camp. Camps have a lead instructor and all camp locations are monitored by a camp manager. All staff goes through training and background checked before teaching or managing to ensure the safest environment possible.

My child’s age is close, can they enroll?

Classroom Antics programs are created for ages 7 – 13. When a child’s age is close to the age requirements for a camp, we then look to grade. For programs that have an age requirement of 7 years old, we require campers have graduated from the 1st grade prior to camp. For programs with a minimum age of 9 years old, we require that the camper has graduated from the 3rd grade. And for programs with a minimum age of 10 years old, they must have graduated 4th grade by the start date. If your 10-year old would like to enroll in a program for 7-9-year-olds, because they want to be with a friend or family member, that is not a problem.

How long is a summer camp?

Summer camp programs are offered for one week Monday – Friday in different locations from early June until Mid-August. Summer camps are half-day format, either from 9 am – 12 pm or 1 pm – 4 pm. There is an option to attend for a full-day, 9 am – 4 pm. You just register your child for both a morning and an afternoon program and provide them with a take-along lunch each day. Instructors stay on-site with the children, and there is no additional charge for that hour, it is just a convenience we offer to our full-day campers.

Where are the camps held?

Classes are held in local community buildings, schools, recreation centers, youth centers, churches, temples, libraries and banquet halls that are close to home.

Some of your camps are at churches. Is there any religious content in your programs?

No, there is not any religious content in our programs. Churches, synagogues, and other religious buildings have convenient classroom space and have been great partners to our STEAM programs, but we do not have any affiliation nor do we deliver any religious messages to any participants in our programs.

How early or late can I drop-off or pick-up? Is extended care available?

Students can be can dropped-off up to 15 minutes before a summer program and picked-up up to 15 minutes after a summer program.

What if someone else will be dropping off/picking up?

We have a sign-in/sign out procedure for parents each day. As long as the same person who’s dropping off the student is the same person picking them up, there is nothing you need to do. However, if there is a different person dropping off vs. picking up, then please let the instructor know when the camper arrives.

Is food provided during camp?

No. For campers who are taking both a morning and afternoon session, parents are responsible for providing a take-along lunch for their children to eat each day. It is also recommended to pack a snack for morning and afternoon, as we often take a 10-15 minute break half-way through each morning and afternoon session.

Do kids bring a computer to summer camp?

No. Classroom Antics provides all computer and tech equipment for the entire camp. Students do not need to bring their own computer, as each child will have equipment provided to them for use during the camp.

Can they bring home equipment they use during camp?

Children are permitted to take home the digital products they create on a complimentary USB flash drive, but they will not be able to take home the computers, webcams or robotics equipment. Instructors take pictures of campers and classroom projects to share with parents at the end of summer camp. Look for an email with a link to the pictures 3 days after the last day of camp.

Are your programs appropriate for special needs children?

Classroom Antics programs are created for ages 7 – 13. Children within this age range that have high functioning special needs are welcome. Call us at 800-595-3776 to evaluate if our instructors can provide the proper environment for your child and the other children in the class.

What is the refund/withdrawal policy?

Programs are non-refundable unless Cancellation Insurance is purchased during registration. However, we may provide Classroom Antics gift credit to parents who need to withdraw their child from a program but did not purchase Cancellation Insurance.

Parents may withdraw their child from a program _ days before the start of a program and receive _% in Classroom Antics gift credit that expires 24 months from the original program start date. If the enrolled program was a result of a previous transfer, the earliest program’s start date is used in this calculation.

– 28+ days before start date = 100% gift credit valid for 24 months
– 21-27 days = 75% gift credit
– 14-20 days = 50% gift credit
– 7-13 days = 25% gift credit
– 6 days or less = 0% gift credit

What if I change my mind?

Parents may alter their child’s program registration in any way within 24 hours of original registration, regardless if Cancellation Insurance is purchased or not during registration. This includes adding or removing any optional add-ons, or withdrawing from a program entirely and receiving a full refund. This policy may be invoked once per year per family. **For additional protection, Cancellation Insurance may be purchased during registration, giving parents the ability to cancel a program for any reason before the start of a program and receive 100% of their program fee as a refund.

What is Cancellation Insurance?

Cancellation Insurance is an optional add-on that may be purchased during registration that allows you to cancel a program, for any reason, up to the start date of a program, and receive 100% of your program fee back, less any discounts that were applied during check-out. It is important to note that Cancellation Insurance may only be exercised BEFORE a program begins. Even with Cancellation Insurance, program fees are non-refundable after a program begins.

What happens if I miss a day?

There are no prorated refunds or credits for missed classes or for dropped classes. Once class begins, you are in class for the entire session. This is true regardless of your attendance. There is a medical exception (see below).

Is there a medical exception?

Yes. If a medical situation is supported by a written and signed acknowledgment from a licensed medical practitioner, Classroom Antics will extend gift credit on your account, prorated from the date we receive the medical acknowledgment. Please note this is a credit, not a refund, which expires 24 months from the original program’s start date. The credit may be applied toward any future Classroom Antics programs.

Can I transfer from one camp to another?

Yes. Classroom Antics has a No Transfer Fee Policy. This policy allows you to transfer to another available program as long as space is still available. Program discounts may also be transferred, even if the promotion used expired before the time of the transfer. Transfers are only available on programs that have not yet started.

If Cancellation Insurance was included in the original program’s registration, it will automatically be transferred to the new program’s registration. Cancellation Insurance may not be added during a transfer if it wasn’t purchased on the original program registration. If a difference in price exists between the two programs, payment will be collected during the transfer. If the new program fee is less, a Classroom Antics gift credit will be issued in the amount of the difference. The gift credit is kept on file at Classroom Antics and will expire 24 months from the date of the issue. The gift credit may be used towards a future Classroom Antics program.

Gift credits are processed as a refund if Cancellation Insurance was purchased on the original program’s registration.

When is the payment due?

Full payment is required during registration.

Can I use flexible spending?

Chances are, yes, but check with your employer’s HR representative to make sure. Day camps are usually reimbursable under your Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account for kids up to 13 years old. You’ll need our Tax ID number (also called a Federal EIN number) which located on your camp receipt.

How can I register?

Click the Register Now button at the top of this page. If you are having technical difficulties with the website, or if you are processing your registration with a gift credit, a gift certificate, or a third-party is funding your program, call us at 800-595-3776 for assistance.

Can I waitlist for a sold-out program?

Our registration system detects sold-out programs and creates a WAITLIST for parents to register. This is a free waitlist. We recommend that if you want a particular program and can attend a similar Classroom Antics program close by, sign-up for the nearby program and then WAITLIST for your preferred program. Classroom Antics can transfer you to the closer program IF it becomes available and you notify us of your desire to transfer before it becomes filled.