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Cancellation Insurance

What is Cancellation Insurance?

Basically, it’s like trip insurance for a trip. If for any reason, you decide not to attend camp before it begins, you can notify us and receive a refund of your program fee.
Cancellation Insurance is an optional add-on that may be purchased during registration that allows you to cancel a program, for any reason, up to the start date of a program, and receive 100% of your program fee back, less any discounts that were applied during check-out. It is important to note that Cancellation Insurance may only be exercised BEFORE a program begins. Even with Cancellation Insurance, program fees are non-refundable after a program begins.

Reasons to Purchase Insurance

Every year, even before COVID, parents would ask us why would they want to buy this optional insurance. Certainly, their child will attend camp. And for most of them, this is true.

But sometimes, there is an unexpected conflict or event the pops up. The following are examples of situations that have occurred for other families:

  • Date conflict with a family reunion
  • Date conflict with a family vacation
  • Family coming in from out-of-town
  • Date conflict with band camp
  • Date conflict with football camp
  • Date conflict with scout camp
  • Child broke their arm and can’t use the computer
  • Parent got a new job and we’re moving
  • Illness in the family
  • Out-of-town and we won’t get back in time for camp
  • Unexpected global pandemic

What does Cancellation Insurance cover?

If you purchase a camp with Classroom Antics, Cancellation Insurance covers the Program Fee. This means that you do not receive your Cancellation Insurance premium back when you withdraw from camp. Similar to trip insurance in that you wouldn’t receive your trip insurance premium back if you decide not to go on a trip because of an illness. But unlike trip insurance, Classroom Antics Cancellation Insurance covers ANY reason you want to cancel. You can cancel camp because the sky isn’t blue enough if you like. The only requirement is that you notify us before the start of camp.

Program FeeThis is the cost to attend or tuition of the camp.$259
Cancellation InsuranceThis is the insurance premium that protects your Program Fee (optional)$29
Total Cost$288

Cancellation insurance protects the Program Fee. In the case above, if cancellation insurance was exercised, the 259.00 would be refunded and the 29.00 would be consumed (not refunded). Processing Fees are likewise not refundable.

Cancellation Insurance DOES NOT APPLY to third-party funding like ACE Ohio or any county BDD. If the Program Fee is reimbursed by a third party, purchasing cancellation insurance does NOT entitle you to be reimbursed by Classroom Antics also.