Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are attached to all Classroom Antics programs, and are identified and accepted during program registration. If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please contact us.

Cancellation, withdrawal, rescheduling, or transfer requests must be made over the phone by contacting us at 800-595-3776.

Program Fee

I understand that the Program Fee (sometimes called Class Fee) pays for my participant’s spot in the program, not my participant’s attendance. Full payment is required for all participants at the time of registration.

Refundability of Program

I understand and accept that all fees are non-refundable, unless Cancellation Insurance is purchased.

Cancellation Insurance Option

I understand and accept that Cancellation Insurance is an optional add-on during program registration. Cancellation Insurance allows a program registration to be cancelled for any reason before the start of the program and receive a refund for 100% of the corresponding Program Fee, less any discounts. Cancellation Insurance must be purchased individually for each program registration to be protected.

No Cancellation Insurance Option

I understand and accept, should Cancellation Insurance be waived during registration, I may still withdraw from the program. However, in this scenario, I may only receive a percentage of the Program Fee as Classroom Antics gift credit, dependent upon the number of days before the program that the withdrawal occurs. Gift credit may be used on any future Classroom Antics products or services, but expires 24 months from the original program’s start date. If the enrolled program was a result of any previous transfers, the earliest program’s start date is used to calculate the expiration date.

Policy: _ days before the program start date, receive _% in Classroom Antics gift credit.

  • 28+ days before start date = 100% gift credit
  • 21-27 days = 75% gift credit
  • 14-20 days = 50% gift credit
  • 7-13 days = 25% gift credit
  • 6 days or less = 0% gift credit

Gift Credit Expiration

All Classroom Antics gift credit expires within 24 months of issue date.

Buyer’s Remorse

I understand and accept that I may alter my purchase of the program in any way within 24 hours of the original registration. This includes, but is not limited to, modifying, adding, or cancelling and withdrawing from the program for any reason.

Transfer Policy

I understand and accept that there are no transfer fees when transferring to another Classroom Antics program with open space. Discounts will also be transferred as courtesy on any transfer. If there is a difference in price between the two programs, I understand that I must pay any cost difference between the program prices. If the new program is less expensive, a Classroom Antics gift credit (expiring 24 months from the earliest program’s start date) will be issued. If Cancellation Insurance was purchased for this program, the gift credit may be processed as a refund instead. Cancellation Insurance will automatically be transferred to the new program registration, however Cancellation Insurance may not be added if it wasn’t on the original registration.

Absence Due to Illness

I understand and accept that in the event of the participant becoming ill during the program, I may receive a prorated gift credit of the Program Fee. To receive this credit, I understand that I must provide a doctor’s note to Classroom Antics. The prorated amount is calculated from the date the doctor’s note is received by Classroom Antics.

No-Show Policy

I understand and accept that participants who fail to show for their program and provide no prior notice of cancellation are liable for the entire fee.

Make-Up Days and Times

I understand and accept that in the event a disaster, or the classroom or instructor becomes unavailable, Classroom Antics will notify participants immediately and reschedule the missed day(s). In the event that a missed day cannot be rescheduled, a prorated gift credit will be issued.

Medical Liability

I do hereby release Classroom Antics, the facility owners and operators, the program coordinators, and any and all associated employees from any liability in the event of accident or injury. I agree to have my child given emergency treatment by a physician or hospital in the event that I cannot be reached and agree to release all personnel for any liability in connection with this activity. I do grant permission to transport my child in case of an emergency. I understand that I will be contacted as soon as possible, in the rare case that an emergency situation arises. I assume financial responsibility for all expenses of such care.

Photos and Video

I authorize any photos and video captured during this event may be used to create promotional material and publications. Any rights of compensation or ownership to these photos and video are waived by the students, their parents and/or guardians.

Minimum Enrollment

I understand and accept that Classroom Antics requires a minimum number of participants to hold a class. In the rare event of insufficient enrollment, a full refund will be processed, and no cancellation fees will be imposed.


I understand and accept English is the primary language in class. Instructors will instruct participants in English.

Late Pick-Up

I understand that I am required to pick-up my child on-time at the end of the program. In the event that I cannot avoid being late (e.g. traffic, weather, unforeseen circumstances), I will contact Classroom Antics immediately and let them know. I understand that if I pick-up late, I may incur an additional fee.


I understand and accept that Classroom Antics must be able to conduct programs in a respectful environment. Participants may sometimes become excited, and that is completely normal. However, should a participant become so disruptive that other participants or instructors can no longer participate in the program effectively, Classroom Antics will invoke a 5-strike system: 1) verbal warning, 2) verbal warning, 3) private verbal warning and phone call to parent or guardian, 4) written warning to parent, and 5) dismissal from the program without refund of any fees (including any future registered programs by the offending participant).