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Who Is Classroom Antics?

A STEAM Enrichment Provider

Classroom Antics is an educational enrichment provider offering fun, educational STEAM-focused programs to kids ages 6-14 years old. We deliver interactive programs that promote learning, creativity, and teamwork. It is our mission to help every child discover their passion. To accomplish this, we make our programs accessible from your own home virtually and close to home with locations throughout Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton.


Teachers with classroom experience

Close to home

Most programs within a 15-minute drive time


12 students max per class


Fun, safe, social, and respectful environment.


1:1 student to equipment ratio

Technology USED

Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

New Owner, Sheri Niedermyer

Sheri Niedermyer, along with her husband Jim, is the new owner/director of Classroom Antics. After sending her son to camp in 2012, Sheri interviewed and joined the company the following year.


Starting originally as a Lead Camp Instructor with numerous positive reviews, Sheri quickly became one of our favorite Camp Managers. Sometimes, we are lucky to find the place we excel best, and Sheri was quick to find her best place at Classroom Antics.


Prior to owning Classroom Antics, Sheri taught math and computers in several Christian schools. She has taught in Connecticut, Maryland, Hawaii and Ohio. Her love of coding started in high school with the cliché BASIC “Hello World”. Since then Sheri has taught programming to all ages – adults to elementary schoolers. Her favorite achievement was when her high school team won first place at a C++ programming competition in Connecticut.


Sheri’s husband, Jim Niedermyer, is a retired Senior Chief from the Submarine Force of the US Navy and now works in the HVAC business. He likes to describe his new role at Classroom Antics as “Chief LEGO Officer.” He helps behind the scenes preparing LEGOs and equipment for camp.

Founder, Toby Foote

Toby loves science and technology. They were his favorite studies in school and at home. Growing up, his father would bring home 50-pound “portable computers” and modems that he would use to create online bulletin board systems (BBS) before the internet was around. He created communities of like-minded kids that taught each other how to use build computers, write computer programs, and use technology to improve our everyday lives.

His desire to explore this area of study didn’t stop there. He went on to college at the University of Cincinnati to gain a degree in Information Systems from the nationally-ranked Lindner College of Business. After college, he went on to spend decades gaining programming and technology experience, working in technology groups at NASA, Compass Technologies, and KeyBank. However, after having children of his own, Toby wanted to return to his roots of teaching other kids, this time as a grown-up and educator. Classroom Antics was born.

Today, Toby takes great pride in knowing that since Classroom Antics’ inception in 2007, over 10,000 children (including his own) have channeled their excitement and creativity into highly valuable technology skills.

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