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REGISTRATION OPEN FOR 2024 Sign up online or call us today!
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Post-Camp Info: Minecraft & bots

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education is offered through schools or other educational providers like Classroom Antics. For the first time in 2024 we are able to offer families continued access to Minecraft Education for ONE YEAR for $60. Contact us at [email protected] or 800-595-3776 X1 for more information on how to purchase your Minecraft Education Edition subscription.

There are many books dedicated to Minecraft. We recommend these two because of their tips & tricks and the use of Redstone. $8

Minecraft Education Edition Picture

Post-Camp Info: Minecraft & Bots

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful week in Minecraft & Bots Camp! If you are interested in continuing your Minecraft and robotics education, below is information about how to get the materials we use in camp.

VEX 123 Robots

  • VEX 123 Robots $125
    • Robot & art ring – red, blue or green
    • Coder
    • English language coder cards
  • VEX 123 Field $26

At camp we code the VEX 123 robots using the robot buttons, then we graduate to the coder to complete fun challenges. VEX offers fun curriculum and the opportunity to increase your coding skills at home using VEXcode.

Six Bricks in the Classroom

In order to keep our minds sharp and our day fun, we took “brain breaks” with Six Bricks. These brain breaks do the opposite of disengaging the mind – instead, they “wake up” the brain, allowing us to transition from one activity to another fully focused and ready to learn. Look for a robust webpage on this topic in the future!

Cromwell Holding Six Bricks