Third-Party Funding

Summer camps can be costly for some families. For this reason, many generous non-profit organizations and their donors provide financial assistance for families to attend camp. These donors are known as third-party funders. Classroom Antics works with these funders to provide our camps to kids.

Detailed below is the process on how to secure and apply that funding to your child’s summer camp with us. Classroom Antics also offers our own need-based financial aid for summer camp. It is our mission to make sure every kid discovers their passion and purpose.

Finding Summer Camp Funding

Sponsors are sometimes hard to find and can take a lot of work on a family’s part.

You will unlikely find a sponsor by just calling an organization up when you are ready to register for a program. Instead, most sponsors have a long relationship with a family already. Organizations like Family First Councils and Board of Developmental Disabilities have enrichment funding for long-standing clients. If you have a relationship with one of these organizations already, start with your family’s contact person. They can often get you in contact with someone in charge of their supplemental education program funding.

Many times, applicants must meet certain criteria for sponsorship or scholarship consideration. For example, they live in a particular region, have a certain income level or the applicant is acknowledged as having a challenge or disability. These scholarships and sponsorships are meant for the neediest of families, and each organization has their own guidelines for sponsoring children for summer camp.

Once You’ve Found Funding

Congratulations on finding a summer camp sponsor! You’ve finished one of the hardest steps in enrolling your child in a Classroom Antics program. Now, what you need to do is make sure your summer camp sponsor contacts us at 800-595-3776 or via our contact form to let us know you have been approved for funding. Once we receive a Purchase Order or Authorization Of Payment from them for the amount of a summer camp, we will contact you to enroll your child in summer camp.