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When to Sign Up for Camp?

When Is The Best Time to Sign Up for Camp?

Parents often ask “When is the right time to sign-up for camp?” And typically we respond with “as soon as you know your child wants to attend.” And this is true because you can often get the best camp prices and availability the earlier you register for camp. However, the real question most parents are really asking is …

When do camps start to sell out?

Factors that affect that answer are:

  • What type of summer camp is it? (overnight vs day camp)
  • What type of activities are involved? (sports vs specialty camp)
  • How well-known and popular is the summer camp?

At Classroom Antics, we are a specialty day camp, and our camps typically start to sell-out in March. Predicting which camp location and technology will be popular changes each year. So, it’s hard to predict which camps will sell-out first. For this reason, it is good to go ahead and book early. With convenient no-cost transfer policies and options like cancellation insurance, Classroom Antics makes making a change to your plans easy.

The Benefits of Signing-up Early for Camp

Signing-up early for camps provides families some nice luxuries.

  • Planning summer vacations is challenging. Signing-up for camp early allows busy families to organize their summer schedule comfortably.
  • Get the camp you want. Families that sign-up later sometimes take their 2nd-option camp, because their first choice was full.
  • Discounts are biggest the furthest away from summer. Signing-up early yields our parents the biggest discounts.
  • Cancellation insurance gives you ultimate flexibility. Classroom Antics camps are normally non-refundable. However, by selecting Cancellation Insurance, your family can change plans the day before camp, and still receive a 100% refund of your program fee.