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REGISTRATION OPEN FOR 2024 Sign up online or call us today!
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Virtual VEX IQ Robotics

Virtual VEX IQ Robotics

Join us for Virtual VEX IQ Robotics Club starting January 17, 2024!  With Virtual VEX IQ Robotics, your child can learn coding in a fun, immersive and collaborative environment. By using the unique VEX IQ virtual playgrounds, real-world STEM concepts are brought to life as children learn to problem solve through code.  

Beginners can start with block coding, while those that have mastered block can progress to Python. Our instructor is certified in both, so all levels are welcome!

This club will meet every Wednesday except April 3rd starting January 17 and ending May 15, 2024.

Register now; space is limited to 6 members! 

Virtual VEX IQ Robotics
Block Coding

Drag and Drop Coding For Beginners. 

Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm


Ages 10-12

Virtual VEX IQ Robotics
Python Coding

Master Your Coding Skills with Python.

Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm


Ages 11-14

Why VEX IQ Robotics Club?

  • Students will gain an understanding of beginner block coding or more advanced Python coding.
  • Students will learn how to program a virtual robot.
  • Each challenge presents a new set of skills to complete.
  • The course is taught using a self-paced approach, allowing students to join at any time.
  • Our club offers a safe place to learn by doing, without fear of making mistakes or getting a bad grade.
  • No downloads are required. All platforms are web based.
  • Space is limited to 6 members, to give everyone a chance to ask questions and share in a virtual environment. 

$20 per class

No Long-Term Commitments, Cancel Any Time

Start when you can – stop when you must.

When you enroll, you will be prompted to pay $20 for your first class. Choose the tuition rate that best fits the date you register. The balance will be divided into weekly auto-payments.  If registration is full, it’s free to join the waitlist. If you wish to cancel, call or email the office so we can help. 800-595-3776

Classes already paid for are non-refundable. Virtual club memberships do not qualify for ACE funding. 

Requirements for Virtual Robotics Club

  • Be sure you have proper equipment prior to registration.  Child must have use of a computer or tablet in order to participate in the virtual club.  VEX VR is online, so access to an internet browser is important.  Please note that we do not encourage use of iPhone or Android phones.  A larger screen will be more effective for our projects.  

  • Webcams must be ON during virtual clubs. We need to be able to see you! For that reason, be sure to have a safe and appropriate place for your child to attend the virtual club. We recommend they are in a supervised place in your home.

  • Headphones are optional, but often preferred in order to block out other sounds. Make sure a microphone is available, either with the headphones or on the computer. We need to be able to hear you and have you hear us!

  • Internet connection is a must!

  • Tablets may be used instead of a computer, but know that we cannot assist with device-specific issues you may have.

  • There must be a minimum of 4 kids registered and 2 in attendance to hold a club.

  • Call or email the office with any questions or concerns.