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Olympic Science

Olympic Science After-School Program

In our Olympic Science after-school program kids will learn about the work sports scientists do to both protect athletes and improve their performance at all levels of competition. We'll conduct hands-on activities to learn how the brain controls our movements, design protective equipment, and gain a better understanding of how science plays into playing sports at the Olympic level. It is often a single point or fraction of a second between the winner and the loser. In Olympic Science Camp, kids will learn how to help the next great athlete become an amazing one.

4-Week Curriculum

The Classroom Antics Olympic Science after-school program introduces students to the concepts of biology, physics, and the scientific method through various, hands-on projects and demonstrations.


Module 1


Weeks 1 & 2 Opening Ceremonies: The Scientific Method, Memory Test, Brain Hat, Hand Model, Olympic Torch

Weeks 3 & 4 Track & Field: Reaction Time Test, Newton’s 3 Laws, STEM Javelin Air Cannon, STEM Shot Put Catapult, STEM Foosball


Module 2


Weeks 5 & 6 The Paralympics: The Beat Goes On, Build a Mechanical Leg, Wheelchair Basketball, Engineer a Bird Beak

Weeks 7 & 8 Swimming: Clothespin Workout, Blood Cell Basics, Floating Ball, Water Resistance Experiments, Slime

Cost of After-School Programs

  • 4 Week Program: $100 Per Student Enrollment
  • $10 Sibling Discount
*Program costs may vary by school / location. 

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