COVID-19 Protocols for Summer 2022

We are looking forward to having you all here at Classroom Antics for Summer Camp 2022!

The pandemic has caused many changes in our lives, but the need for us to be in-person at camp and experience creativity through building and creation has not diminished; it has only increased. At Classroom Antics, we believe we have developed policies and procedures that, when followed cooperatively with our guests, can provide a fun and enriching education that will ignite your child’s interests and create experiences worth remembering.

We want you to know our biggest goal for Summer 2022 is to still keep camp, camp. While COVID-19 has entered into every part of our lives, we still want the focus of your summer to be safe, fun, educational, and with new friends!

As we did for summer camp 2021, we will be following all protocols based on the most recent guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The American Camp Association (ACA), The US Department of Health, The Ohio Department of Health, The Michigan Department of Health, local municipalities, and facility owners.

With guidance changing constantly, we plan to update our Covid-19 protocols when we approach summer 2022.

As the summer progresses most communication will be sent via email and updated on our website.

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility in this, we understand how difficult these months continue to be. If there is something we missed or you have additional questions, please contact us. Classroom Antics is ready for another great year at camp!