NEWS 2023 Camp Registrations Open November 23, 2022!


NEWS 2023 Camp Registrations Open November 23, 2022!

Engineering Club

Focus on Electrical Engineering

How often do you use electricity? How many different devices in your house use electricity?

What Kids Learn in Engineering Club

Kids get charged learning about all kinds of electrical devices, from holiday lights to city power grids.  And while it seems simple to turn on a switch, Electrical Engineers actually put a lot of work into designing helpful devices that use energy efficiently. In this module, Kids learn properties of electronic devices. This includes how circuits, switches, and batteries work together to create light, movement, or sound. Then, they use this knowledge to build games, create art, and even design their own moving toys.


In this four week module, kids Get Charged up as they apply their own energy and excitement to understand how electrical engineers power the world.

Engineering Club at Your School

  • Engineering Club is designed for kids in grades K-5
  • This module meets 1/week for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours after-school, totaling 6 hours.
  • This engineering module is offered during Winter and Spring 2020.