Give the Gift of Camp

Great Christmas Gift Idea for Any Kid Age 7-13

Do you need a Christmas gift idea for a kid age 7-13 who loves video games, YouTube, LEGOs, or Minecraft? Then, we suggest a Classroom Antics tech summer camp. A summer tech camp is a great experience gift because kids will spend an entire week getting to do what they love. During that week in our summer camps, kids evolve from tech users into tech creators. We offer our summer camps in both in-person, in Michigan and Ohio, and virtually Nationwide.

A Gift Idea Your Loved One Will Love

If you’re unsure if this is the right gift for your child, listen to these past campers tell us why they love Classroom Antics summer camps.

1. Choose Which Camp(s) to Give

  • Decide if you think your loved one would want to go to summer camp virtually or in-person
  • Decide which STEM topic(s) they would most like to learn

Don’t worry if you pick the wrong camp. We have cancellation insurance and a zero-cost transfer policy.

2. Register for Camp

Complete your registration using our registration system. This reserves your space in camp and pays all fees associated with the program. Camp spaces are not held unless your registration has been processed. Use the link below to register.

Register for Camp Today

Enroll today as space is limited. Register and save your child a seat at camp. Our registration system shows real-time availability in each program. Contact us if you have any questions.

3. Make Your Gift Tangible

We understand that one of the joys of giving a gift to a child is its presentation. Which is why we provide the ability to print a Blank Gift Certificate you can personalize using the steps below:

Note: Printing a blank gift certificate doesn’t entitle a child to attend an upcoming program. The gift certificate has no actual value, it is just a tangible way to symbolize the transaction you made with Classroom Antics when you registered a child for camp. You must actually register the child in a camp before printing the certificate.

Gift Certificate
Click the Download link in step #1 to get a high-resolution PDF version of this certificate.
  1. Download the blank certificate.
  2. Find a cardstock paper your printer can handle.
  3. Print the certificate. Color printers work best. The certificate will also print on black & white printers.
  4. Complete the certificate by using a Sharpie or other high-quality pen. Thick pens or markers work best.
  5. Present the gift certificate to your loved one.
  6. Enjoy the smiles and appreciation you will receive for giving them for such a wonderful gift!