NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!


NEWS Limited Number of Seats Available. Register for Camp Today!

How Our Waitlist Works

How Our Waitlist Works

Ever since Classroom Antics began offering camps in 2007, we have managed waitlists for various sold-out camps. And since we commonly are asked how we manage our WAITLIST for camps, we felt it was best to share our process openly with everyone.

What is a WAITLIST?

A waitlist (also wait-list or WAITLIST) is a waiting list. And when you sign-up for a camp waitlist, you are putting yourself on a waiting list for a program that is currently sold-out.

How Does the WAITLIST Work?

Our camps hold 12 campers each. When the 12th slot is taken, our registration system automatically adds a WAITLIST for other parents to enlist. The cost of placing yourself on the WAITLIST is free, but placing yourself on the WAITLIST does not guarantee a space in the event an open camp slot becomes available.


A camp space can become available if another parent withdraws or transfers from camp. When that space becomes available, we start contacting parents who have added their names to the waitlist.

How Often Does a Camp Slot Become Available?

Our camps, on average, have a 25% chance of having an open space become available after it becomes full.


While it’s recommended to still sign-up for the waitlist, it is also recommended to either register for the same camp in another nearby location, or register for another camp of interest. If a space becomes available to you, you may call us to transfer into the camp space that just became available.

Can Camp Take a 13th Camper?

I would love for this to be true. This would solve our WAITLIST challenge by just expanding our camp. However, growing our camp size causes a couple issues that we are not comfortable with.

  1. Equipment – We have 12 laptops, 12 robotics kits, 12 movie backgrounds, etc for camp. We have enough equipment for everyone in camp. Unfortunately, we don’t have additional equipment for expanding our camp size.
  2. Quality of Camp – We are comfortable with a maximum of 12 students in camp. We have 1 teacher per camp. If we expand camp for one additional camper, we are reducing the amount of time and attention we can give our original 12 students who signed-up for camp.


We are always open to suggestions for changing the way we offer camp and manage our wait-list. If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it.