Minecraft Coding Camp (Ages 9-13)

In Minecraft Coding Camp kids don’t just play Minecraft, they create their own worlds with coding! If your child loves Minecraft and wants to learn how to design and program new ideas into their worlds, then join us in this awesome Minecraft Coding STEM camp!

What Kids Learn in Minecraft Camp

In Minecraft Coding camp, kids become the ruler of their own world. They will learn to control their mobs and creatures and learn to change, customize, and edit their tools and weapons. Kids learn how to code with a block-based visual programming language inside MinecraftEdu, using if-then and while-do statements, variables, and loops. With these STEM tools, they automate processes inside Minecraft rather than just play Minecraft. Redstone is used to create circuits and switches and to control objects within Minecraft.

  • Class Size: 12 Participants
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Duration: 15 Total Hours
  • Technology Ratio: 1:1 Student-to-Computer
  • Technology Used: MinecraftEdu for Windows

Requirements to Attend this Camp

  • Age: 9-13 Years Old (by the first day of summer camp)

Minecraft Coding Camp Locations & Dates

Program Fee for Camp

The fee is $249 for this half-day morning (9 am – 12 pm) summer camp.

For a full-day summer camp option (9 am – 4 pm) register for an afternoon summer camp as well and send a packed lunch each day. Our full-day campers stay over the lunch hour with the instructors for free. The fee for a full-day is $498.

Register for Minecraft Camp

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