TubeStars Camp (Ages 10-13)

Video Production YouTube Summer Camp

Does your child want to be a YouTuber? Or, do they just love to entertain others! Then, this day camp where kids as young as 10 get to learn to shoot videos, edit sound, and create their own personal brand can get them on the way to stardom. Unleash your child’s creativity and grow their interest in YouTube video production by attending our TubeStars Camp!

What Kids Learn in TubeStars Camp

In this YouTube summer camp, kids learn how to produce engaging YouTube-style videos. We teach kids the entire YouTube video production process: storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing, and promotion. In this YouTube camp, kids use webcams, ring lights, and Animotica software to create multiple types of YouTube videos.

Kids will be able to express their own creativity through video, sound, and graphics. Whether your kid is into gaming, arts, sports, or just about anything they will be able to express that in their videos. The YouTube videos created in this tech camp are saved on a complimentary USB drive to share with friends or family on Windows and Mac computers.

Note: Campers do not upload videos to any video-sharing platform like YouTube during this camp. Instead, we provide instructions on how to upload their projects to a video-sharing platform with the help of parents at home if so desired.

  • Class Size: 12 Participants
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Duration: 15 Total Hours
  • Technology Ratio: 1:1 Student-to-Computer
  • Technology Used: Animotica for Windows

Requirements to Attend this YouTube Camp

  • Age: 10-13 Years Old (by the first day of camp)

TubeStars Camp Locations & Dates

Classroom Antics Advantage

Our programs are uniquely different from other programs. We take pride in not only what we teach, but also how we teach.

  • Professional educators – teachers with classroom experience
  • Small class sizes – 12 students max per class
  • Dedicated materials & equipment – 1:1 student to equipment ratio
  • Close to home – most programs within a 15-minute drive
  • Fun, safe, social, and respectful environment

Cost of TubeStars Camp

Each of our summer camps meets all week for three hours each day as either a morning or afternoon camp. The program fee for one week of half-day summer camp is $259.

If you would like your child to attend a full day of summer camp, you will need to register for both a morning camp and a different afternoon camp. When you do, you will automatically receive a $20 discount, bringing the cost down to $498. When you are registering your child, select the two camps you would like. We allow full-day summer campers to stay over the lunch hour between sessions for free. Full-day campers should bring a packed lunch. Our staff will make sure they are well cared for over the lunch hour and ensure they get to their afternoon camp.

Note: If camp meets during a shortened week, prices are pro-rated accordingly.

Register for Camp Today

Enroll today as space is limited. Register and save your child a seat at camp. Our registration system shows real-time availability in each program. Contact us if you have any questions.

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