Game Design Camp (Ages 10-13)

Video Game Design Summer Camp

Transform your child’s love for video games into valuable STEAM skills and maybe even a career. We’re all about turning your gamer into a game developer!

What Kids Learn in Game Design Camp

In this video game design summer camp, kids take their passion for video games to a new level. In fact, they develop their own playable video games. The games developed in this tech camp are an array of arcade-style video games. Consequently, they learn character development, environment creation, and innovative gameplay with GameMaker software.

Kids are provided access to a copy of the GameMaker software and a library of graphics and music files to continue to develop the video games they create in tech camp or create new ones. Video games developed in this tech camp are saved on a complimentary USB drive that can be loaded on to Windows computers for friends and family to play.

  • Class Size: 12 Participants
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Duration: 15 Total Hours
  • Technology Ratio: 1:1 Student-to-Computer
  • Technology Used: GameMaker for Windows

Requirements to Attend this Camp

  • Age: 10-13 Years Old (by the first day of camp)
  • If your child is 7-9 Years Old please register for Game Builders

Video Game Design Locations & Dates

Cost of Game Design Camp

The fee is $249 for this half-day afternoon (1 pm – 4 pm) summer camp.

For a full-day camp option (9 am – 4 pm) register for a morning camp as well and send a packed lunch each day. Our full-day campers stay over the lunch hour with the instructors for free. The fee for a full-day is $498.

Register for Game Design Camp

Enroll today as space is limited. Our registration system shows real-time availability. Contact us if you have any questions.

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